Carla, the chatbot that helps you get rid of stress when you're on the verge of losing your flight

  • AI
  • 21 May 2018

Carla, the chatbot

Colombia Avianca is the second airline company in South America. The challenge was to increase the touch and feel of travelling with Avianca airlines. So the company and Accenture developed a chatbot that helps users to speed up their usual tasks. For example, when a user struggles to catch a flight, they should know what options are available to fast up the pace and get there at the boarding doors. So, as mentioned before, the little things matter. The brand created a new channel of communication for its customers in order to raise interaction and engagement. The routine tasks like check in, flight status, seat changes were put at flyers’ disposal through an intuitive and  with a simple and accessible mobile solution, they could lower the stress of traveling – and raise the bar for customer experience.

Avianca and Accenture collaborated for the creation of the Carla chatbot on Facebook Messenger. Carla was built using the latest in artificial intelligence technology and allowed customers to have instant access to the company’s services.
The chatbot is the tool through which the company can now provide its flyers with valuable information regarding their travels and successfully eliminates the inefficient moments when they would have made a phone call or downloaded a new app or visit the company’s website. Now Carla does them all, basically, by offering a very interactive user experience.
What does Carla? Allows customers to confirm their flights and journeys, luggage for domestic flights in Colombia, and do their check-in all using a mobile device. If needed, customers can also require for help of any kind, including losing luggage or tickets refunds. The best part is that the chatbot offers real-time feedback to Avianca’s customer service. It also provides information about weather and various safety alerts.


“Carla enables us to connect with our more than 28 million customers in a simple, intuitive way, offering helpful services on a platform they use daily and is one of the first virtual assistants to be launched in Colombia.” - Rodrigo Trevizan, Digital Experience Director at Avianca Holdings S.A.
In only one month, the chatbot was used by more that 1,000 Avianca customers that intended to improve their experience and enjoy a seamless journey. There were registeres almost  4,000 different conversations. The chatbot also improved the performance results of the company: waiting times were cut by half when Carla was used to check-in.


The use of technology always makes a difference and if a brand wants to outcome the competitors, a bet on technology improvements might by the advantage.
Avianca is a Colombian airline that decided to make the difference among competitors and introduce a better user experience by launching a chatbot called Clara.
So this means that the usual concerns when it comes to catch a flight might be vanished thanks to a chatbot that offers very useful pieces of advice, especially for unexperienced travelers.



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