Beer finder app. Stella Artois invites users to track the bars selling Stella around the world

  • 25 January 2018


Combining travel and exploring elements with the passion for beer, Stella Artois created a very useful and adventurous app that allows users to discover bars and restaurants where Stella is served around the world. Just at a phone shake distance, the app opens a new world, an augmented reality with useful content for users.


How it works


After giving a shake to the phone, on the screen appear pop-up markers indicating the bars selling Stella, noting their distance away from you. The app also offers directions to get to the bar you choose. After a user has selected the atmosphere, Le Bar Guide finds nearby nightlife options using GPS technology. Le Bar Guide allows the user to choose the bars based on their primary moods – Relaxed, Spirited, Lively and Party as measured reviews on Foursquare and Yelp. The user should hold the device downwards and arrows pop up on the road pointing you in the direction of the closest bar. This is not the only functionality of the app. It offers a whole consumer experience, and even allows the switch between different views and give votes to the bars you’ve been in. The Bar Guide can also be used to order yourself a taxi home at the end of the night.




Stella intended to raise brand awareness and promote all bars where Stella is served,  by using new technology and offering a complex user experience. “The goal was to deliver a brand experience to consumers that go beyond traditional marketing”, said Chetan Damani, founder/CEO of Acrossair, London.


"Le Bar Guide serves as a premium service to help consumers find the perfect bar environment for the perfect night out and is a natural next step in crafting the perfect experience for discerning drinkers. We rely on more than six hundred years of brewing heritage to create Stella Artois. We have perfected the Chalice, in which Stella Artois is best served, and the nine-step pouring ritual, the ideal method of serving Stella Artois," said Pablo Firpo, Global Marketing Director, Stella Artois.



Ratings on social networks


The bars users are choosing to enter can be selected to numerous criteria including price, proximity, and rating. The app also allows consumers to rate bars according to the menu, atmosphere, other clients, and the service. There is also a section for comments about locations for other Le Bar Guide users.


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