The app that monitors your kid's food intake and activity

  • 27 June 2018

Milo Champions App

The company decided to create The Milo Champions Band & App – the digital kid to get kids moving. A wearable tech that encourages making fitness. Now, for kids, but still powered by moms. The brand customized the band that track energy expenditure and turned it into a game to get the kids excited. Every move gets closer to the champion avatar on the app. For a mom, the app offers a food journal. It lets her know how much energy and nutrients her kids need every day.

The Milo Champions Band is a wearable technology that tracked the energy expenditure of a child. The Champions App, its partner mobile app, then matched the data against the child's energy intake, as logged through a built-in food journal. Used as a system, they helped moms monitor their children's energy level (physical activity versus calorie consumption).
When the band detected that the target number of steps was not achieved for the day, the app sent a notification to let a mom know her child needed more play time. Separately, the app gave food recommendations based on the nutrients that the child lacked for the day. Gamification principles were applied to turn hitting energy targets into rewarding screen experiences for kids.

Milo managed to find a new way of getting kids engaged and moms more involved. 98% of the moms admitted that the platform offers a real useful and egaging content since they could track activity and nutrition every day and get personalized recommendations based on their child's daily activities and food preferences. The Champions App was used for an average of 63 minutes during the first three weeks. The brand perception was improved wit 13 percent after using the app for four weeks.


Worldwide, kids and screens are becoming inseparable. But there is a country that beats the average screen time by more than double – Philippines. The same country where physical education time is less than 40 minutes/week, half of the global average. Naturally, parents are getting concerned. Therefore, is the brand Milo that invested in sport activities for years. The same Milo has a honorable history in launching campaigns targeted on sedentary public.

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