National Card Retailer Achieves 180 Links With Reactive Campaign

  • 11 July 2022
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Reactive Campaign For National Card Retailer

Funky Pigeon is a popular card retailer. They make and supply all sorts of cards for various occasions such as birthdays or other celebrations. In 2021 they approached Impression, a digital agency, in order for them to create a new reactive campaign to boost sales and bring more attention to their brand. 

Shortly after their first discussions, Impression came up with an innovative idea. During this period of time, Adele’s newest album ‘30’ was set to launch, and thus their main plan was created. They only had one month to pull their plan off, between October and November of 2021. 

In order to achieve these goals, Impression made use of a product stunt that would drive traffic and increase Funky Pigeon’s visibility. They took advantage of the upcoming Adele album which was being covered in the international press. The album contained songs based on her recent divorce, with a lot of emotion behind them.

Keeping this in mind, Impression started working with Funky Pigeon in order to create a new range of cards for break-ups. These types of cards could appeal to people who are going through a breakup as well as Adele fans that were eager for her new album.

The unique situation meant that time was of the essence since the launch event would be talked about for only a few days. After that period the relevancy would tank, like with most entertainment news in the media. So Impression started targeting high-quality domains and press that were SEO driven and relevant to the subject matter, with an emphasis on lifestyle and music press.

With just 4 days of outreach, they managed to reach an average of 56 direct responses across a total of 183 links. Some of their focus keywords ranked in the #1-3 positions, while their rankings for related keywords increased by 71 positions, which was 42% above their initial target.


An ad agency teams up with a national card retailer to create a reactive campaign tied to the launch of Adele's newest album. Time was essential since their timeframe was limited, but the results were more than anyone expected, going to show that a good planning phase is the start of any successful venture.


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