Enhancing the pleasure of reading. The app that recreates the fairytale dimension via sound effects

  • 21 March 2018
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What would be more engaging than a book launch endorsed by an app that recreates the audio surroundings of a fairytale while you reading just to enhance the immersion into the story?
This campaign is just the perfect trigger for enhancing the pleasure of reading. The launch of the app was teased through email marketing campaigns, social media ads and in-store activations.




-    Increase the pleasure of reading stories
-    Rebuild the connection between children and their parents
-    Enhancing the quality of bedtime stories experiences
-    Increase the book sales


The mechanism


In order to get a viral spread of the app, the creators decided to give it to the public for free. This move provided the campaign with a fast distribution.
The app offers special sound effects while reading bedtime stories. The users should read out loud the stories as the app uses voice recognition to seamlessly introduce the proper sound effects during the storyline. The sounds are provided through a vast database and mixed in real time.


Voice recognition system used for a realistic story dimension


Since the reading books has become a quite reduced habit, the marketers received a big challenge – how to make reading appealing again and reset the dimension of bedtime stories.

Results of the app campaign

The first and probably the most important goal of the campaign was reached – increasing the book sales. The first book installed on SoundBook was sold out within six weeks in Switzerland (14.000 copies sold).
The app rapidly got No. 1 in the App Stores and received thousands of positive reviews.



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