Drag and drop banner that functions as a search tool

  • 23 April 2018

The banner with search feature

Fortunately, everybody loves music, sports and arts. We love it so much that we travel to sightseeing and for a live experience. But sometimes, our ideas get lost into the data ocean surrounding us. Even though we try to save our destinations for the next festival into an Excel table, in Google Calendar, or in Bookmarks, eventually we lose track of what we wanted. It all ends into a sweet vision of what we could have had but we forgot to check the tickets, the accommodation, the flights.
This realistic need was successfully identified by chepflights.co.uk. That’s why the company transformed its online media spaces into real-time flights search.


Let’s say that you read an article about your favorite band singing in Amsterdam. Only in Amsterdam this year. No problem, you just drag and drop the article into the cheapflights.co.uk yellow space and a banner will figure it out when and where to go, by displaying the message: Hold tight, we’re finfing flights to the next event. And the suggestions get displayed.
The banner search combines search API, location API, ticket platforms API such as Ticketmaster and flight search from cheapflights.co.uk API. So, if users want to get all the data for the next trip connected with their favorite artist’s concert, the flight company puts everything of the table: speed, gathered information.
The technical explanation is that once the image is dropped, it is recorded and scanned to see if it shows a singer, an actor, a footballer etc., by using visual recognition technology. By connecting through the API, the banner reveals information about the next event the user is interested in.


The engagement rate was quite impressive145% higher than the usual value for similar digital campaigns.
The travel site increased the click through rate with a generous 95% quota.


The company intended to keep the road from an advertising banner to its site the shortest as possible. So, it transformed Cheapflights web banner into flights search tool. How? By using high-end technology.
The company launched an amazingly inspired campaign that turns usual promotional online spaces into interactive banner search tools. Just Drag and Drop the image or the title of an article that inspires you to travel and you will immediately find tickets to your destination. Simple, interactive and attractive. Oh, and very engaging also – 145% engagement rate higher than the benchmark for other digital campaigns.



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