How beacon technology can improve advertising campaigns. Low cost zone in Buenos Aires

  • 31 May 2018

Low cost zone

The Low cost zone in Buenos Aires was the surrounding area of Chile’s embassy at Buenos Aires. The goal of the campaign was to increase the tickets sales and raise engagement. SKY is a Chilean low cost airline, the second one in terms of number of passengers transported in their country of origin and which has international flights to Argentina, Peru and Uruguay. In Argentina, SKY has presence in Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Mendoza and Rosario, and annually transports more than 2 million passengers between Argentina and Chile. The airline will offer tickets from Buenos Aires to Santiago de Chile, round trip with large percentages of discount to fly between April 23 and June 30, 2018.

How does it work? Well, people who pass by the vicinity of the site and enter the Sky page from their phones will receive a notification of different discounts, as they get closer to the Low Cost Zone. The codes received during the nominated for promotion day were available until Sunday April 22 at 23:59.
What users should do? Open the Low Cost Zone website in the mobile browser, with geolocation and bluetooth activated and get to the area that is legally Chilean. Because as far as the embassy is on Chilean territory this means that the prices should be as low as in Chile. One week before, the brand conducted a specific digital campaign targeting only Argentinians. Beacon devices were installed into the embassy area that sent notifications to nearby people’s phones and following their gps. They arrived to Chilean territory where they could get Chilean prices. Inside Chile there were cheap tickets and outside expensive ones. The interface of the platform changed whenever the phone was moved to Chilean territory.


Results were pretty amazing. It was an increase of 322% in the number of mentions of sky airline in the web. The number of visits on raised with 423 %. Also, the platform registered more that 150.000 impressions in just 3 hours. More than 300 tickets were sold in only half day.


Santiago de Chile became one of the most desired areas for Argentinians who were in search of low prices. The reason is that the prices in Argentina are much higher than those in Chile. But where else the could Argentinians benefit from these low prices besides the Chile’s territory? Sometimes, the prices in Santiago can be half cheap than in Buenos Aires. Through the premise "tickets at Chilean prices, in Chilean territory", the airline offered tickets from Buenos Aires to Santiago de Chile, round trip with a 30% discount and to fly between April 23 and 30 June 2018.


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