The chatbot for buses and trains. The Travelbot by London Service Transportation

  • AI
  • 01 March 2018


The public transportation service in London is probably one of the best connected to the community’s necessities.
So, in order to get closer to the users’ needs, they implemented a chat bot that can mostly replace routine answers like: When my bus is arriving? At which hour may I catch the X train? Also, can offer real time information about delays of the transportation means. The chatbot made it easier to obtain various kind of information in a very effective way, specifically for their precise needs.

How was made

"With the open data in our Unified API already helping to provide live information on many services like third-party apps and Twitter alerts, we hope this will be another big step towards enabling customers to quickly and easily access the information they need via social media", says the company on the official site blog.


How it works

If you travel to London, you should download the app ‘TfL TravelBot’ from, the Facebook Messenger app or on your computer.
There’s nothing complicated, so you don’t have to be a technical expert to manage to ask simple questions of Facebook and to get the needed answers for queries like “Hi, how’s the Jubilee line today?”

As a neural network, the bot develops new connections during the search and questioning process. It will improve a lot of features constantly. So the users are intensively encouraged to ask as many questions and use the app as much as they can.


Bus arrivals  


You can check via location sharing or the bus stop code. To check, type something like:
‘When’s the next bus’ or ‘next bus’, then you will be asked to share where you are using your phone’s location, or you can provide the bus stop code if you know it.

Bus route status  

Find out if there are delays on our bus route.
To check, type something like: ‘How’s the 38 bus’ or ’38 bus’.

Tube and rail status  

Find out if there are disruptions on any Tube line, DLR, London Overground, TfL Rail or trams.
To check: ‘Is the Central line disrupted’ or ‘central’, you will be provided with the latest status info. This also works with ‘dlr’, ‘overground’, ‘tfl rail’ or ‘trams’.


View or download our Tube map, rail and Night Tube maps. ‘Tube map’ or ‘rail map’ or ‘map’. You will be provided with the option to view, download or send the map.



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