Study sessions are getting better with Instant Manga App by Nescafé

  • 27 February 2018


It’s hard to identify a blue ocean segment for your product and we all know and felt some time ago though, that students are very active by default. They are not actually the best target audience for coffee producers. But in China Nescafe came with an app specifically for the study session -  ‘Instant Manga’ study break app.

Target: college students during exams periods
Display: via Youdao app, in a 30-second video game
Results: Reached 25 million college students nationwide with over 100,000 uploading and sharing their study notes with friends via the app


The company tried to identify a way to reconvert the young public to its product – instant coffee. So the segment was 18-24 young people, full of energy. 
They lack vitality though when they are in their finals and, as far as I remember, the nights are assigned to studying. But what about the breaks? Suddenly the idea came up: manga games as a way to make them less stressed out. 

The solution

Energy boost and a break – the perfect insight couple. Nescafe worked with the note app Youdao Cloud Note.
On this platform, the students can upload and share study notes with their friends. Within the app was a simple html5 page; After just one click, a manga video game about tiredness is ruling over them and they have to beat this through a wake up using coffee and notes. 

Via gamification, the students are invited to continue the story and fight for their colleagues. At the end of the game, students could share they study notes instead those ones from the game. 



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