Digital Love. Send your own and very personal kiss through the smartphone

  • 10 January 2018


Stay close to your loved ones, by putting a little heart and soul into your digital messages. 
Note to self: When necessary, add some complicated feelings too by using usual calls and apps.

Have you ever wondered how it would be to have the seal of the kiss of your beloved ones at the end of written message sent through your mobile device?!

Well, now it’s surely possible. The personal kiss – I really mean it, the trace of your lips indeed – can be digitally sent to anyone, anywhere in the world through a simple touch of your smartphone screen. A very beautiful clear, creative and engaging campaign for Burberry made it happen.

Here’s how it works:

If you are a mobile user, you can simply touch the screen of your device and stamp it with your lips. Yes, you’ve just had “a special moment” with your mobile. It also should be mentioned that using your finger also works.

The app can be used also on the computer, through the webcam that allows users to stamp their lips and generate a seal for the virtual envelope whose enclosed card can be filled with your data, addressed and sent by email or Google.  

When eventually the envelope arrives at its destination, your recipient can open the sealed-with-a-kiss message by email or Google , read it and reply with a new kiss.

Of course, the kiss can be spread across social pages.

According to the Google Agency Blog, the idea behind this project was to create a new kind of online interaction that customers could relate to. The association with Burberry brand was though non-intrusive, as a smart and also nice and sweet digital service, allowing personalized digital shopping experience along the clothing purchase. “Our biggest challenge was really, how do you bring the same emotional feeling people have when interacting with Burberry in a physical environment and deliver that in a visual environment?” says Aman Govil, Art, Copy & Code project lead.

Oh, and we also want to remind the rapper and actor Soulja Boy that now he can finally send kisses through the phone to his sweetheart. His was in been need of this feature back in 2008. :)



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