Goodwill mobile campaign and the story of an app that made donations come in handy

  • 11 June 2018

Goodwill mobile app

We’re almost stating the obvious here: increasing the donations was the main goal of the campaign. But the challenge was to integrate many insights and digital features into one solid and consistent campaign. How to eliminate barriers and shame, how to help without creating uncomfortable situations? Well, through a mobile app that wiped out the judgmental barriers and created a nice place where the givers and the ones in need are put in contact without any critiques or frustrations. Another big challenge for the brand was to engage with younger communities and technology was the direct path to millennial audiences.
In addition, the plan was to show that the money from the sale of the donated objects help fund workforce-related programs in local communities.


Charitable moms and female millennials were the main audience. Also the Spring cleaners that once a year decide to get rid of old clothes and also the proximity target audiences – geo-fenced users. Verve agency that worked with Goodwill at the campaign created a whole engaging and digital experience around the insight of “Donate Stuff. Create Jobs.”
Users were welcomed by a joyful banner message about cleaning up one’s bedroom floor that lead to a game where users could press the items – clothes and household – as they were falling from the ceiling. The digital experience was more than a game. Information about the campaigns and their impact on local communities were spread throughout the game via questions and trivia.
The moment of call to action for donating came after three rounds and the users were encouraged to search for the closest area via the Goodwill Locator App and find a donation center in the future.


Location data collecting was a very helpful and powerful tool that allowed the brand to connect with users and offer them in an instant the spot they were searching for the donations. Technology allowed accurate identification of the users’ location. The geo-location service provided the brand with helpful data about users’ profile and habits.
Campaign’s objectives were reached. The engagement rate was the three times the industry average.
Click-Through Rate: 0.75 percent
Game Engagement Rate: 4.5 percent
Average Time Spent: 29 seconds
Store-Visit Lift: 24.3 percent



How to create a successful charity campaign? Using technology and gamification might be a great move. That Goodwill did when decided using location-based data to identify individuals who were likely to donate their clothes. Also, the mobile app used geo-fencing to identify people who lived near Goodwill areas. After the geographical targeting, the app offered users a game with clothes and all sorts of household elements that were falling on theirs mobile screens. The results? The app doubled the engagement rate with the donating platform.


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