The interactive mobile video that best described a fantastic toy world

  • 07 June 2018

Magic Point Technology app

To promote its new toy called the Enchanted Princess Palace, VTech developed a new interactive technology. The brand decided to focus on raising awareness by placing the newest product as the best option when it comes to its innovative MagicPoint technology. The target audience is the millennial mom who uses technology on a daily basis, accepting the pivotal role that media plays in their lives. The company is aware that millennial public is completely different than the previous generation, intelligent, efficient and digitally savvy. The brand conducted a study that showed that 96 percent of millennial moms are keep on watching video content on their mobile phones regularly. A quarter of them even watch this kind of content more than an hour a day. More than a half of the public is more likely to be engaged with an ad because it was about a service or product they were interested in.


Video and mobile app – the perfect combo for creating strong engagement with millennial audience. Not only the tech solution, but also the strong narrative made from this campaign a clear success. The result was an engaging campaign inviting young and digitally well-informed moms to go further and become clients. The brand used mobile videos to interact with kids and moms and show off functionalities of the product. Elements like audio clips, pop-ups, and buttons were integrated in order to keep the moms engaged into the mobile videos. The company made the app in partnership with AdColony to get users’ awareness via the platform and drive it into the mobile video. The result of the co-working was the creation of a custom and easy to access Instant Play Video HD and Dynamic End Card that described the product and showed how funny Enchanted Princess Palace really is.

The partnership with AdColony delivered fantastic results, outflanking the campaign threshold and objectives. In other words, the video mobile campaign yielded 230,000 engagements and a 6.2 percent overall engagement rate, surpassing the engagement rate benchmark by 103 percent. And, the most important thing was that sales were incredibly increased. Users who engaged with the video also spent an average of 10.74 seconds interacting with the Dynamic End Card.


An interactive video mobile campaign might be the key solution for the players in the toys selling field. First, when it comes to children audience, the competition is intense and often the campaigns become aggressive. How to capture moms and kids’ attention? By showing off what you got. Show the product or the service in a very descriptive way. That’s the reason VTech decided to make the Enchanted Princess Palace accessible, visible, in handy by launching an interactive mobile video ad campaign that melted kids’ hearts.


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