The mobile app that works as a digital credit card for the gas stations. By Shell

  • 29 May 2018

Fill Up & Go

The goal of the digital campaign was to get a better connection with the clients and improve their experience. The app is definitely a multi-purpose one and it has incorporated two very useful features: “Fill Up & Go” and “Shell Drive.” The challenge was to improve the driving experience and help drivers to speed up the process by avoiding the queues. How did the company succeed with its reward program? By using a mobile developed channel that made the decision-making process a different and much better experience.  The target? The drivers using smartphones on a daily basis – 700 million car owners around the world, many of them already Shell’s clients.

Shell achieved the title of being the first fuel retailer that provides mobile payment at pumps across the U.K. The app Fill Up & Go was integrated with PayPal, Apple Pay, or Android Pay to easily make the transaction by simply scanning a QR code at the pump.
Besides this, Shell added a new feature that comes closer to the users’ habits, records, and analyses the journeys of its clients via smartphone’s GPS signal and accelerometer to retrieve driving behavior data. This app allows motorists to analyze their driving behavior and adjust their fuel consumption. In addition, the app also allows motorists to make results comparisons with others, collect badges and enroll intro challenges for prizes offered by the company.
Besides these features, the app includes a full package of modules meant to improve the clients’ lives. The modules are presented as cards on the platform and are designed for displaying special offers, station maps, news, new products and Shell station feedback. These are useful tool for the company to gather data about its consumers and to deliver a tailored message to the clients in different countries around the world, finally to better understand and meet the customers’ needs.


The app was a very successful move and managed to highly improve user experience, raise engagement and better connect with Shell’s customers. Since beginning of 2015, the Shell App was downloaded over 3.5 million times. Active users have increased by 300 percent. Also the mobile offers received by divers registered a real success – the activation rate of 25 to 35 percent.


Starting with a very touching reason, Shell managed to bring live the apps “Fill Up & Go” and “Shell Drive that consistently speed up the fueling process. The apps can serve to many reasons, but the company decided to use as a trigger the time a little baby spends alone in the car while his parents are paying at the cash desk for the fuel they put into their reservoirs.
The mobile app allows users to pay, view their invoices, locate stations and receive customized offers.



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