Intercontinental enters the field with a helpful booking app. We may ask if Hilton was the inspiration

  • 03 May 2018

IHG iMessage App

The goal was to expose Intercontinental as an updated and innovative brand that always keeps up the pace with trends. Therefore, starting from that, the company thought it would enjoy much of the public appreciation by introducing the iMessage platform and the iMessage App Store. The app addresses mainly to the IHG guests in North America who were planning group vacations with their friends or family. This was the campaign target. The app works on Apple’s Message app and allows users to share hotel options in their private messages, creating seamless booking process.

The app starts out in the Apple’s Message app where we are in a middle of a conversation with some of our friends. In this scenario, we text something to our friends out our favorite soccer team. The group is very happy about that and they decide to go and see the team play on the arena. So, he group of friends starts searching for some hotel options. The first thing they will do is to hit the IGH icon and they get started. Once got there, the app displays the page where the users can make a reservation by hitting some criteria. A very nice user flow, though scarcer in functionalities that Hilton’s app. The design is also tailored to create an easy navigation experience and to access the share button as well. Similar to Hilton’s app, the Intercontinental campaign also includes the purchase page and the close of the transaction. The app was exclusively launched on mobile version.

The iMessage App platform on iOS 11 and the Apple iMessage App store are what made the distribution of this app possible, as previous operating systems didn’t have this capability.
The campaign managed to introduce Intercontinental into the big league of booking room digitally. There was a scarce number of hotel brands with iMessage apps and none were anywhere near as sophisticated as the IHG iMessage app.


A couple of weeks ago we got very enthusiastic about the Hilton app we discovered and suddenly, all Land of Web team started to estimate and make some evaluations of the technical mechanism pf the app. We got to the conclusion that such a tremendous app we actually can implement for other type of activities.
Meanwhile, exploring the paths of the Internet, we also discovered that Intercontinental has caught up a bit with the big league competition.



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