The first interactive wallpaper which tells bedtime stories. The technology fairy steps in and adds some magic to kids’ bedroom

  • 13 March 2018


When the bedtime stories meet technology, they can both add some magic to the kids’ bedrooms. Castorama App allows users to scan the magical characters painted on the wallpaper from the kid’s room and download a story.

How it works


Have you ever thought of changing the way we are telling stories? Not the ones the marketers use to lie…to say, excuse me. :D
So, what about an app that enhances the kid-parent connection? In a world of time scarcity, increasing the quality of the time spent with kids it’s mandatory for a sane and flourishing relationship. Starting from this insight, the Castorama retailer has designed an app that helps improving the bedtime moments. The wallpaper from Castorama can be scanned via the app. The characters can be scanned with the mobile one at a time to create a unique story. Magic Wallpaper consists in 10 characters which can be selected and scanned by either mobile or tablet and after that the user can download the new born story about the scanned characters on the wallpaper.


Main insights

-    Creating valuable moments for families at home
-    Boost the brand association
-    Users can scan two different characters and mix them to generate a new story

Technical recommendations

The Magic Wallpaper app has two reading modes. The first one is audio with the voice of a narrator. But there is also available the reading mode where the parent has the storyteller’s role. So, the parent can read the new story to his/her child. This mode has also included sound effects that are enabled by clicking on certain words.  Each story has a medium duration of 5 minutes.

The app can be downloaded for free from the App Store and in the Google Play Store. The Magic Wallpaper. It also can work in airplane mode.


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