A friend as sweet as a chocolate bar. Lacta Chocolate’s Facebook App

  • 26 February 2018


When there’s no love, at least you got chocolate. Lacta’s target was to smartly make use of social networks to increase the brand engagement and triple the social media fanbase. Its advertising target was people who are in love, comparing their feelings with Lacta’s sweet taste. 


How it works

The app allows users to customize the virtual packaging and put the names of their loved ones on it. Each name got some sweet comparisons. The match results can be uploaded to their Facebook walls and get shared and reached by the people on their list. 

You might not be Lacta, but you are the sweetest part of my life!

Everything started from the already well-known insight: pairing love and chocolate. People love to compare their beloved ones with everything that has sweetness.  The app does something even smarter. Give the users the role of chocolate ambassadors. 




- 135,000 users sent out 300,000 virtual Lacta Chocolate in the first week
- the number of Fans increased from 87,000 to 250,000, almost 3 times in two months


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