The bot that helps you find your career path. And sometimes, also asks you to marry him.

  • AI
  • 23 February 2018


Allie is just a chatbot. Don’t get delusional. But the level of interactivity allows users in search for a job to become more open and sincere about their career objectives. What’s the purpose? Filtering and narrowing the options field for the employer.
What makes Allie special is that is designed to independently perform repetitive tasks. The bot introduces himself before offering assistance: “Hi, I’m Allie, the very first job bot of Allianz”. Dominik Hahn of the People Attraction team at Allianz says that Allie was created to adapt faster to job search patterns.   

“Younger generations now gather information about and approach Allianz through social media platforms, rather than the internet site or traditional means,” he explains. “Being used to instant feedback, they also expect a prompt response when looking for concrete jobs or general employer information. If a company wants a chance at winning the best candidates, then it must respond to these needs.”
The questions that the chatbot address to the users are about the desired work field, preparation level, and region. At the end of the conversation, Allie sends a link with a pre-selected job filter where the users can directly apply. 
“From the feedback, we know that people have fun chatting with Allie. Many candidates hadn’t expected this service from a company like Allianz - it definitely has a positive branding effect when it comes to our digital readiness and attractiveness as an employer,” finishes Hahn.

There is also a feedback response and even can appreciate how the user expertise can be proper for a certain job. Also, the bot can have very friendly conversations and doesn’t hesitate to inform users that it’s in its “baby years.”


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