Simi, the chatbot that helps guys to prepare better cocktails and impress the girls

  • AI
  • 13 April 2018

You personal bartender the chatbot

The Indian brand Diageo intended to create a whole new sort of user experience and get closer to its customers. So, through the chatbot campaign, the objective was to bring the drinks directly into your fridge and bars and help you with some good pieces of advice regarding girls. Even though it’s not easy, we should admit that the campaign has a visible gender orientation, talking about how guys should follow the chatbot’s advice and get the girls from party to their homes. The target audience of the campaign are the 25 years old guys that enjoy going out, not married, living the good life and attending lots of parties but with a small problem: not getting girls with them at home. Also, this target group should always be on the move and spending a lot of time of mobile devices.

Using info from Google trends and Facebook users’ behavior, the Indian brad assumed the takeaway that house parties are very much preferred by young people instead those ones from public places. Many of the young guys planned their parties via mobile devices, including the snacks and drinks for the parties. One of the successful elements of a party is how to prepare a great cocktail. No good cocktails, no girls. But the guys hosting the parties should get some preparing cocktails trainings. From this identified need, the chatbot was created – your personal bartender that works through Facebook Messenger. SIMI is a AI-powered bartender and the India’s first branded chatbot. It was trained to offer more than 300 DIY recipes of mixed drinks that users can easily prepare only by checking the ingredients in their fridge. As we already know about machine learning, the more the bot is asked how to prepare a certain recipe, the better for improving the future suggestions. The bot becomes smarter, better at user interaction and could offer more personalized recommendations.

• The chatbot reached 10 million users within first two months of going live on Facebook

• 3.2 million users interacted with the chat bot, 32% interaction racte

• 900,000 users requested recipes, with an average of two recipes requested per interaction

• More than 43 percent of the users returned to interact with the SIMI chatbot


India created its first chatbot and it is party-related. The bot is your personal bartender meaning that if you are a guy running out of good ideas about how to impress girls, you should try to use the app. The chatbot is very user friendly and even asks you what ingredients you have in the fridge or in the bar. Based on your answers, the bot connects the dots and offers you a personalized recipe. So, the chatbot is a real firestarter for parties. The funny part is that in the presentation video of the campaign, one of the triggers in using the app is how to get girls from parties to your place: it’s simple – by giving them better cocktails


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