Discover the digital strategies of the retail giants. Walmart’s App Savings Catcher

  • 20 February 2018


We are all under the siege of the best price retail policy and there’s nothing new that the smallest price has been the credo of Walmart. But this app that allows the instant comparison between other retailers’ price tags is such a revelation.

The beauty of it is that is more than an app – it acts like a bank account almost. Users can introduce their receipt information into their account and check the prices. This is the real power of the campaign. 



Retailers always confronted with the impossibility of connecting the real-life shopping items with a certain typology of the customer. 

 “Our investments in e-commerce and mobile are very important, as the lines between digital and physical retail continue to blur… our customers expect a seamless experience….” -Doug McMillon, president and CEO of Wal-Mart Stores

The rewarding system seems to be more updated, but never enough easy to use. The fidelity cards are obsolete and difficult to integrate. Many customers already registered forget to take the cards. So the retail workers usually ask for the phone number but the data accuracy rate plunges. 

What customers actually buy in their offline purchase is one piece of vital information for retailers in order to narrow the target field. This is no longer a problem for the online retailers that can even use predictive recommendations based on the buyer’s history via online payments systems. 
Walmart almost felt the danger from the online retailers so created a strong link between offline shopping cart and digital apps. 

“Our investments in e-commerce and mobile are very important, as the lines between digital and physical retail continue to blur,” said Doug McMillon, president and CEO of Wal-Mart Stores, on a recent conference call with investors.

“Our customers expect a seamless experience, and we’re working to deliver that for them around the world.” 


Savings Catcher App

So, Walmart came up with a brilliant idea. There was no classical way of bringing the receipt to the store and check it together with the cashiers. It was a piece of cake in terms of seamless user experience. We all know that keeping track of the bills and receipts might be so confusing sometimes…

What commits Savings Catcher to is providing the best price on the market. The check no longer needs the whole journey to the store with the receipt in your hands, buy a simple check on your mobile, from your couch, or kitchen…
Once downloaded, the app will use the camera function to scan the UPC or QR code on the receipt. It will compare the prices of the items on the bill with the costs from other stores and if there are cheaper items, the difference will be returned immediately into the user’s account. 

Great other features


The app can also be used to find local stores and create smart lists that automatically carry the users through the pages on which they are more interested on – top trends. Also, the app can be use daily. It has automated savings feature in Savings Catcher, so Walmart customers can check their balance, scan receipts and price items. The app also uses geo-location, so the users can keep track of the places they’ve visited. 


The company could narrow the target and observe shopping habits. It grew as an entire ecosystem around the app. 
Key benefits: lowering advertising costs, tapping into richer data sets, encouraging more regular communication between brand and customer, and better database marketing.


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