We look like a masterpiece. Google said it via its newest app: Face Match

  • AI
  • 22 February 2018


The classic selfie goes through a Renaissance…
All thanks to Google that released the app that matches your face with a famous painting character. 
Who hasn’t thought of himself from time to time like a real piece of art? Google changes our humble selfies now with a famous painting lookalike. 


How it works

Scroll down through the app and select the option of finding your portrait in a museum. Then take a picture of yourself. It doesn’t matter if there’s a selfie or another picture. The app leafs through various portrait proposal and shows the match percentage. 


After choosing the best match, the user has the option of sharing the proposed resemblance on social media networks. 
Artificial Intelligence is used to scan the selfie or picture for features that most closely look similar to some various portraits from its library of more than 70,000 masterpieces.



Google team said that computer vision technology is used to identify the facial expressions and features  
Similar technologies were used by Microsoft that created an app able to identify and classify dog breeds based on pics inserted into the app. 





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